Introduction to Robotics

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About Course

Introduction to Robotics is a 13 session instructor driven program organised by Ionic3DP


Who is this for? For anyone planning to pursue a career or higher education in the field of

Robotics. This would also be an excellent program for students who are planning their final year

project or are generally interested in this field.

What is the course like The instructor driven course covers demonstrations, hands-on

exercises and case-studies all the way from the famous Asimo robots to the Stiquito the DIY 6

legged running robot. The course is fast paced covering Kinematics, Manipulators, Programming,

CAD and Robot Operating System (ROS). Towards the end of the course, there is a special tear

down session where students experience first-hand functioning of 3D printers, laser cutters etc…

Prerequisites? There are None

Introduction to Robotics course is a mandatory pre-condition course for the Advanced Robotics

Program which covers hands-on lab activities such as building robotic manipulators, 3D printers

and biped robots in your respective colleges.


1 - Introduction to Robotics, Ethics of Robotic applications

2 - Types and Case studies of Robotic system Locomotion. Trigonometry - a brush up

3 - Microcontrollers, Sensors

4 - Microprocessors, Python basics and Assessment

5 - Manipulators - a detailed study, Functioning of Crane (3D printed pick and place manipulator)

6 - End Effectors, applications of robotics in industries

7 - Cartesian Co-ordinate systems, Frame transformations and rotations, 3D geometry space.

8 - Understanding Machine codes or CAD/CAM codes (G-Codes)

9 - Movement and Trajectory mapping, Belt driven systems

10 - Robot operating system (ROS) an introduction with a hands on example

11 - Introduction to Design (Tinkercad and Fusion360)

12 - Open loop based systems (Understanding a 3 axis machines - teardown)

13 - Types of motion systems (Belt, lead, hydraulic, pneumatic and rack and pinion), building a

single axis belt driven actuator

Ionic3DP is a Singapore based 3D Printer Manufacturing company. Apart from manufacturing 3D

printers, we also engage with clients who require robotic manipulator systems. We also have

educational initiatives in Singapore, India, China and Oman.

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80 Ratings
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